Event Diary Formula Student Japan 2018 (ENGLISH)


The last day of the competition is on. After we had our breakfast together at the hotel we head to the track. Late Afternoon we start our endurance run and are able to finish it successfully although the track conditions are very bad due to the weather. Now we have to wait patiently for the overall results which will be announced throughout the following days. Afterwards we pack our things and prepare everything for the transport of our jr18. We let our last evening fade away away in the hotel all together. The competition has been an extraordinary experience for each and every one of us. 



Today is a very successful day for us. Thanks to yesterdays best time we make the first place at skid pad. Our second driver is able to finish the AutoX run with a best time of 1:11:769 although he has to face difficult weather conditions. We’re happy about 57.75 points for the business plan. Furthermore we make it to the design finals! We’re not only happy but also proud about our results. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll start in group A at endurance. In the evening we have our team meeting and are going to bed early again to be well rested for our last day at Student Formula Japan. 



Slowly we get used to the time differences. Today we start again early at 05:30 in the morning, because there are a lot of tasks to accomplish today. We are able to finish scrutineering successfully with brake. At 10:30 a.m. we have our design presentation, everything went by smoothly, we are satisfied and hope for a place at the finals. Immediately afterwards our cost presentation takes place, we’re happy about another successful operation. Today we also finally start with our dynamic disciplines. We’re happy to get to the top at skid pad with an excellent time of 9.72 s. We can finish acceleration with a time of 4.569s. At AutoX our first drivers achieves a best time of 56,721 s. Unfortunately we have to reschedule our second drivers run to the next day due to heavy showers. In the evening we let the evening fade away at the hotel. 



At 05:30 a.m. the first group of us heads to the track. Today we start with scrutineering. After tech inspection we are also able to finish tilt and noise successfully. Furthermore we finally attach our japan flag to our jr18 to also visually prepare it for the dynamic disciplines. Our friends from Tokai University also attach one of their stickers to our rear wings, we’re happy about the souvenir. We end a successful day and head back to our hotel. Tomorrow will be a big day, we’re ready!



Today the typhoon will hit japan. At 6:30 a.m. sharp we are on our way to the track. First we have to go through registration. We get used to the track and the conditions. The afternoon competitions are cancelled due to the bad weather. After we fixed the last few things on our car we head back to our hotel. In the evening we have our team meeting where we discuss the following day. Even though the jetlag makes is hard for us we try to go to bed early to be well rested for the next day. 



The last competition of the season is on. After some of us have already arrived last week to welcome our jr18 and make the last preperations for the competition the rest of us arrives today. After some delays the jr18 has also found its way to us finally. In the evening we have our team meeting, where we talk about the agenda for the next few days and are also discussing the weather since a typhoon is on its way to japan. Although we’re still optimistic and try to focus on the challenges of the upcoming days.