Event Diary Formula Student Germany 2018 (ENGLISH)


After a part of our team has already arrived yesterday, the remaining Weasels are starting their way to Germany today. Since the Camp is already set up, we can go to the pit to set it up after having lunch. Thanks to all the helping hands it‘s done real quick and we‘re able to make it to our scrutineering slot by 3:30 p.m. and finish tech on the first day of FSG18! In the evening the golden weasel provides us with some dinner and the needed power for the opening ceremony.



Today our day starts very early in the morning. Todays goal is to finish scrutineering. After our daily morning briefing we start our way to the track and are able to finish scrutineering with brake test as the first team right before noon. With a weight of 207kg and a result of 97dB(C) the jr18 shines in all disciplines. We‘re very happy with our performance – and above all with the one of our jr18. We let the evening fade away with some befriended teams after dinner. Tomorrow will be a big day, we‘re ready!



Today it‘s all about statics. At 9:30 a.m. in the morning it starts with our business plan presentation. As they always do they‘re finishing it with flying colours. Afterwards it‘s time for our design presentation and our cost presentation. We‘re very happy with our performance! After the statics we still have some time to go to the practice area. What a successful day! We‘re looking forward for acceleration and skid pad tomorrow.



Today it‘s all about dynamics. We start at practice area. After that it‘s time for skid pad. With a best time of 4.98s we‘re achieving a result we‘re very happy with. The acceleration run does also go very well and we’re happy to be able to meet our requirements to us and our jr18 with our best time of 4.25 s. Yesterday we were told that we‘re in the design finals which take place today in the evening. Beside that, we‘re also very happy that we made it to 6th place at cost presentation! The competition is going very well for us so far and we‘re excited for everything else that‘s going to happen.



Today starts comparatively calm. We start the morning at the practice area. In the afternoon it‘s time for AutoX, where we succeed with a top time of 72.43 s. In the evening we start our way to the first award ceremony and are happy to announce that we made 2nd place at Engineering Design! A successful day which we let fade out with some other teams.



It’s the last day of the competition. Early in the morning the team gets together for the morning briefing. Today is all about Endurance. We’re all pent-up because of the issues we had at Endurance at both of the past competitions. All the greater is the joy as we start Endurance in the afternoon and are able to finish it! With a top time of 76.88s we make it to the 7th Place. We’re very pleased with our performance at the competition and are starting our way to the award ceremony in the evening. We make it to 9th Place Overall! FSG has been the last european competition for us this season. Japan is next – we are excited!