Event Diary Formula Student Austria 2018 (ENGLISH)


Early in the morning, at 7:30am, we’re starting off to Spielberg with our first cars and our truck. Together we get our camp ready for the upcoming week and are happy to see some of our team friends again. At 5pm Joham & Partner has a barbecue for us and TU Graz. After this delicious dinner we enjoy our first night with some volleyball.



After our first morning briefing we’re going to the track, are setting up our pit (number 19) and get ready for tech inspection. Around 10:30am we’re already in line for the first part of scrutineering. At 5:00pm we can finally go in and start the tech inspection.



Today starts early as usual, a lot is about to happen. After our morning briefing at 06:30 a.m. and a fast breakfast, the first are starting their way to the track. First we have to finish tech inspection, since we couldn’t do it yesterday. After succeeding there, we’re getting ready for tilt test. Everything goes well. Noise test doesn’t go as smooth, but after adjusting a few small things we eventually finish and are relieved. Scrutineering is done, so an important part is completed. There’s not a lot of time to celebrate, since our business plan presentation, in which our business plan crew deliver as they use to, starts shortly after noon. In the meanwhile some other Weasels are preparing the last needed steps to get ready for design presentation, where we pave the way to continue our success rove of Italy. We’re also satisfied with our Cost Presentation. Today was a good day, that’s how we want it to go on the upcoming days. In the evening we’re getting together for dinner, the golden weasel has served us some nice food again. After our evening meeting we’re all going to bed in good time, to be able to start fresh in the morning and tie up to our success.



As yesterday, the day starts very early. After our morning briefing, a huge part of our way starts their way to the box. The jr18 has to be prepared for acceleration and skid pad. We make it through accel with a best time of 4.404. At skid pad we achieve a lap time of 5.071.  After getting lunch at noon, we get in line for AutoCross. In the meanwhile the results of the statics are published. We are not only happy to get the 9th place for Business Plan, but are having a special celebration for achieving 3rd place for Cost Report. The award ceremony has been a special part of the day for us. The party doesn’t last very long, since tomorrow is gonna be a long day and endurance is on the agenda.



Today is the last day of FSA and it’s all about endurance. We start about noon and with a top lap time of 1:28.399 we are happy with our performance, but have to quit endurance at the last lap due to some technical issues with our electrics. To drop out as short before the finish is very disappointing for the whole team. However we try to make the best out of it and to learn from the problem we had. All in all FSA has been a great opportunity for us to learn new things about our race car and to take them up. We’re looking forward to FSG in the following week!